Wednesday 17 October 2012

Some facts about US Mobile consumer behavior in 2012

In Our Mobile Planet: United States, Understanding the Mobile Consumer, Google points out the following on smartphone penetration/usage and mobile behavior : 
  1. 44% of the U.S. population use smartphones, an increase from 31% in Q1 2011.
  2. 62% of respondents said they had used their smartphone every day over the past 7 days.
  3. 80% of smartphone users don’t leave home without their device.
  4. 97% use smartphones at home, 83% while on the go, and 78% while in brick and mortar stores. 
  5. 66% access the internet at least once daily from their smartphone; 73% do so to use email and 62% to use search engines.  
How Mobile Devices Have Changed U.S. Consumer Behavior ?
  1. 50% use their smartphone to look up restaurants/bars, and 31% to research or book travel.
  2. What do users want to do with their smartphones? To be entertained (88%), Communicate (83%), and Stay Informed (53%).
  3. The average American has 28 apps installed on their phone (6 of those are paid apps) and has used 11 apps in the last 30 days.
  4. 76% watch video on their device; 25% do so every day.
  5. 80% use their mobile device to visit social networks; 55% visit at least once a day.
  6. While using their smartphone, U.S. mobile users are also watching TV (52%), listening to music (51%), using the internet (43%), playing video games (28%), or reading newspapers or magazines (16%).
Smartphones and Local Businesses in the United States
  1. 94% of respondents had used their smartphone to look for local information and 90% of those had taken action as a result. Of those, 70% connected with the business, 66% actually visited the business, and 36% made a purchase.
  2. 58% look for local information weekly while 27% do so daily.
  3. After finding local business information on their mobile, 15% of respondents said they had read or written a review, while 13% recommended the business to someone else.

Mobile Search and Commerce in the US.
  1. 58% of U.S. consumers seeking product information are searching from home, 43% while on the go, and 31% while they are in-store.
  2. An overwhelming majority of respondents (96%) had searched for product information from their mobile device.
  3. 35% intentionally carry their smartphone while shopping so they can comparison shop. 32% said they had changed their mind about purchasing in-store based on information found online while shopping.
  4. Mobile contributes to cross-channel purchasing: 37% researched a product online, then bought in-store, while 32% then purchased online via their computer.
  5. 35% of American smartphone users have purchased through their mobile device, 68% of those within the last month.  However, 65% still prefer to purchase while on their computer.
  6. Among barriers to mobile commerce, respondents reported they don’t feel secure (38%), it’s too complicated (12%), the payment features they wanted were not available (6%), or payment was too complex (5%)
  7. 66% of Americans have performed a search on their mobile after seeing an offline ad (newspaper, television, magazine, etc.).
  8. 61% will only look at the first page of search results when seeking information on their smartphone.
  9. 98% of U.S. smartphone users notice mobile ads; 48% while in an app, 46% while on a website, 40% while using a search engine, and 27% while watching a video.


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