Wednesday, 17 October 2012

IPL Vs India ?

Is our indian cricket team following the english football team ,if you look at EPL its probably the biggest and best managed football league in the world with english players as legends of the game already still playing.Yet english football has yet to achieve any silverware since 1966.Why is that the same legends when playing together cant even get to business end of a major tournament (rings any bells world twenty20).If you look at UEFA champions league for the last five year one of the major english team is in finals or semi finals more often then not.Yet when it comes to representing the country the players don't seem to gel together is it maybe they are so used to playing against each other week after week the coordination (so important n any team sports) is just not there.

Now put this in respect to our Indian twenty 20 team,You have Viru,Gauti,Kohli,Raina,Yuvi,Dhoni,Rohit (highly overrated),Ashwin legends of twenty 20 if not world cricket but have failed to get into business round of the tournament since their triumph at inaugural edition in 2007 but then the IPL was still a dream.After its inaugural year I perhaps thought indian twenty 20 team will do wonders at world stage of 20-20.But isit the perfect example of the players so used to playing against each other over the period of IPL that they just cant gel together anymore.You see our indian twenty 20 team on field together they seem to be playing against each other then with each other.The only ones to do slightly better are the youngsters who just wanna play a game of cricket.You have Viru Vs Dhoni,Gauti Vs Dhoni ,Gauti's Captaincy ambition,Dhonis favoritism for his chennai teammates and these are just few things which you can see them carry on the field.Imagine Viru sharing Gautis weakness in daredevils dressing room with Morkel the same guy who will plan his downfall next year when india travels to south africa.

In the past you had Sachin, Kumble, Saurav, Dravid who understood really early in their careers that you don't have to the best of friends off the field to win a cricket match but be best of buddies on the field cause representing the game and nation is far bigger then their personal ego.There is an old saying in cricket what happens on the field stays on the field.The past cricketers often said after the game they used to hang out for a drink or two and talk abt the game but those were the times of long tours with not much to do around .I have never been inside any dressing room but i doubt todays players go to each other after the game for a beer of two (The Kevin Pietersen saga is still fresh ) Seeing them on field lately I doubt dhoni and sehwag having dinner together after the game.Seeing the champions league indian players seem to be much more at ease when playing for their franchise then when they are represting india in shorter form of the game (In Test you still have Sachin around who with him brings a certain calmness in the team and drives the team forward for a common goal.)

Ask any player they will say Test cricket is the ultimate thing then why is ICC worried about test cricket dyeing??.Ask any player country comes first then why do players carry a injury or delay their operations ,players speaking against the board just to play a domestic league.I as layman do understand athletes have short period of time to accumulate as much wealth as possible then compared to other professionals and they have every right to do so who doesn't want to be rich life is all about abundance.But not Indian players cause cricket here is a religion and the playing eleven are not mere mortals but are GOD.And if GODs cant pull their act together the world of Indian cricket will be a mess.These are worrying signs and if the BCCI,players,team management don't get their act together , I see indian team struggling in the shorter version for years to come,Then again I am just a fan who stays glued to television at wee hours late night just to watch an india win.This is the game which pulls india together .So for the sake of one billion die hard fans I hope the officials and players get their act together cause the joy and the blessings they get when they win is far getter then their franchises owners joy or the money that comes with those owners.. IPL has become so competitive that it might be difficult for sachin to cheer on Viru for example? Or dhoni to encourage sachin?I don't know is it about the money or playing against each other,team mates sharing their weakness with fellow franchise mates all i know is the Indian twenty 20 team is at crossroads and IPL is one of the main reasons for it if not the only one .Lets just pray that this could be a case of me making something out of nothing, but I am really keen that the playing 11 once again BLEED BLUE.


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