Wednesday, 17 October 2012

10 Top Mobile Marketing Facts and Statistics in 2012.

In Our Mobile Planet: United States, Understanding the Mobile Consumer, Google points out the following on smartphone penetration/usage and mobile behavior:

1. There are about four billion mobile phones in use. Of those, 27% (1.08 billion) are smartphones. (HubSpot)

2. 50% of all smartphone users use their devices to search the web, and 49% use them for social networking. (HubSpot)

3. 8% of web hits worldwide are from mobile phones. In the US, 25% of mobile Web users are mobile-only. Further, 80% of this traffic will leave if your website isn’t optimized for mobile–a good case for having a mobile-friendly website. (Heidi Cohen)

4. Do some research and consider carefully before investing in design and creation of a mobile app for your business. A quarter of all mobile apps are used only once. (Heidi Cohen)

5. 74% of Americans are unfamiliar with the concept of checking in to a location via mobile device, and only 3% have ever checked in. (Convince & Convert)

6. One in four employees use personal smartphones at work. (Earnest B2B)

7. Almost 40% of social media users access social media content from their mobile phone at least occasionally. (MediaPost)

8. Mobile and video are the two hottest growth areas in marketing. 17% of marketers say they’ve been using mobile marketing for less than a year, while another 17% plan to start using it in the coming year. 

The figures are 14% and 10%, respectively, for video marketing. (eMarketer)

9. In a July 2012 survey, 26% of respondents said they were interested in the iPhone5, while 74% said they were “over it”–just not that intrigued by another new Apple device  (SodaHead)

10.Smart phone market reached 50% market share compared to 30% in 2011.


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